Millennial olive tree

Adoption includes:

  • CO2 absorbed each year: 60 - 70 kg/year
  • Personalized plate with your name and photo
  • GPS reference for your exact location
  • 6 bottles of 0.5l of EVO oil from your olive tree
  • 2 oil cruets in fine Deruta porcelain
  • 1 night stay at Villa Chiara Relax
  • Tour of our olive grove and tasting

575,96 €

The millenary olive trees are proper living monuments. Wise trees, they have managed to survive for a very long time in favorable climatic conditions. They are the witnesses of hundreds of years of history and despite their venerable age they still manage to produce their precious fruits. The duration of the adoption can have variable duration, you will be the one to decide for how long, however we have set a minimum period of 1 year and a maximum period of 3, so as to allow you to follow at least an entire cycle to which each plant is subjected within a year: from the "spollonatura", to the pruning to the harvest and the processing of the olives.

Once you have chosen the specimen and the duration of the adoption, we will take care of affixing to the tree base a personalized and identifying plate on which your name will be written. In addition, within your adoption certificate, you will also find, among other information, a photo of your tree and the GPS reference for the identification of its exact location: you can visit it, for example during the time of collection of olives! There is more: you will also receive 6 bottles of 0.5l of EVO oil (16.9 each) for each year of your adoption and two olive oil cruets in fine ceramic from Deruta. You can choose whether to receive your olive oil comfortably at home or come to collect it at our headquarters from the month of October, immediately after the harvest. You will also receive regular updates on your tree via our Facebook and Instagram pages.

By choosing the adoption of a millenary olive tree, you will have included in your adoption an overnight stay of 1 night at Villa Chiara Relax, in Giano dell'Umbria, with a B&B formula that includes breakfast. Within 1 year from the beginning of adoption you will have the opportunity to visit us and our splendid region. In addition to the stay in this beautiful property, the adoption of a thousand-year-old olive tree includes a tour of our olive grove and a tasting tour at our farm.

Adopting an olive tree will be your valuable contribution to the fight against climate change: a millenary olive tree can absorb up to 60 - 70 kg of carbon dioxide every year