Secular olive tree

Adoption includes:

  • GPS reference for your exact location;
  • Certificate of adoption with photo;
  • Personalized nameplate with your mail name;
  • Six 0.5L bottles with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from your own olive tree;
  • CO2 absorbed each year: 40 - 50 kg/year.

The oil you will receive will be sent to the address indicated or collected directly from our company in October.

143,27 €

The secular olive trees are plants with a strong presence, often recognizable by their large trunk, which reaches at least one meter in diameter. They are plants at the peak of their productivity because they have reached full maturity. The duration of the adoption can have variable duration: you will be the one to establish for how long, however we have decided to set a minimum period of 1 year and a maximum period of 3, so that you can follow at least an entire production cycle to which each plant is subjected within a year: from the "spollonatura", to pruning to the harvest and processing of olives.

Once you have chosen your tree and the duration of the adoption, we will take care of affixing a personalized and identifying plate at the tree base on which will be written your name. In addition, within your adoption certificate, you will also find, among other information, a photo of your olive tree and the GPS reference for the identification of its exact location: you can visit it, for example during the harvesting period! There is more: you will also receive 6 bottles of 0.5l of EVO oil (16,9 Oz each) for each year of your adoption which you can choose to receive it comfortably at your home or come to pick it up at our headquarters, starting from the month of October, immediately after the collection. Finally you will receive periodic updates on your tree via our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Choosing to adopt an olive tree will represent your valuable contribution to the fight against climate change: a secular olive tree can absorb about 40 - 50 kg of carbon dioxide every year.