Decennial olive tree

Adoption includes:

  • GPS reference for your exact location;
  • Certificate of adoption with photo;
  • Personalized plate with your name placed near your olive tree;
  • Three 0.5L bottles with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from your own olive tree;
  • CO2 absorbed each year: 20-25 kg.

The oil you will receive will be sent to the address indicated or collected directly from our company in October.

95,19 €

The decennary olive trees are young trees, they need to be cared for especially with regards to pruning: this must be done with wisdom in such a way as to allow proper growth of the plant and the maximization of its olive yield. The duration of the adoption can have variable duration, you will be the one to decide how long, however we have established a minimum period of 1 year and a maximum period of 3, so as to allow you to follow at least an entire cycle to which each plant is subjected within a year: from the "spollonatura", to the pruning until the harvest and the processing of the olives.

Once you have chosen the specimen and the duration of the adoption, we will take care to accompany the tree with a personalized and identifying plate on which your name will be written. In addition, within your adoption certificate, you will also find, among other information, a photo of your tree and the GPS reference for the identification of its exact location: you can visit it, for example during the harvesting season! It does not end here: you will also receive 3 bottles of 0.5l (equals to 16,9 Oz each) of EVO olive oil for each year of your adoption and you can choose whether to receive it comfortably at your home or come to collect it at our headquarters starting from October, immediately after olives collection. Finally you will receive periodic updates on your tree via our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Choosing the adoption of an olive tree will represent your precious contribution to the fight against climate change: a decennary olive tree, and therefore a young one, can absorb about 20 - 25 kg of carbon dioxide each year.